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Simply put, the artwork is a blend of a photography and 'digital painting'.  A painting created using the software programs Adobe Photoshop, Image Creator, and Corel Painter.  A digital stylus and a Wacom pressure and angle sensitive pad are also used instead of a mouse. 

And while the term may be misleading to some, the most common 'catch-all' phrase for this type of medium would be a 'photo-painting'. 

I  say 'misleading' because the term 'photo-painting' can mean anything from a 'one click' art filtered photo to a photo that is basically repainted using a wide variety of brushes, set ups, washes, daubers, etc.

Some examples:

First, a photo.


Then a popular 'one-click' filter applied to it (the Adobe Photoshop 'Dry Brush' filter):


What I came up with:

While the 'filtered photo' and 'what I came up with' are both photo-paintings, the picture above simply isn't possible with a 'one-click' filter.  It took something closer to two thousand 'clicks' to create it.

With the Wacom pad and stylus, you don't 'click' so much as you drag, smear, and paint.  It really is like painting onto a canvas, but the 'canvas' is on the computer screen, and you paint into it using the stylus and pad.

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